WrestleMania 33

WWE’s New Plan For Bayley Revealed!

WrestleMania 33


Let’s just start off by saying that no one is going to like this very much.

Unfortunately for Bayley and The WWE Universe that follows her so religiously, she really has nowhere to go after losing decisively to Alexa Bliss at Extreme Rules earlier this month and WWE is apparently scrambling to find a new storyline for the huggable one. With that being said and Bayley’s absence from the six-woman tag team match that took place on Raw this week, it is very evident that her new spot will not be in the title picture at all and according to Dave Meltzer, what WWE has planned could stunt her main roster career tremendously.

According to Meltzer,” Bayley’s interview with Corey Graves was very awkward in the way that it ended. After the interview, Bayley asked Corey if she could get a hug from him. She then went on to grab the colour commentator and hug him. She then whispered to Corey, “I just rubbed your back.”Meltzer speculated that WWE might be moving in a direction where Bayley was attracted to Corey. Meltzer mentioned that the segment pointed towards a romantic angle between the two. He acknowledged that it was a bad direction and would hinder Bayley’s run in the main roster.”

While it’s nice to know that WWE isn’t thinking of doing something as severe as moving her back down to NXT or 205 Live, it’s very depressing that WWE has so little faith in one of their most popular women superstars that they would have to resort to a relationship angle just to keep her on television. Maybe The WWE Universe should just be happy that Sasha Banks has seemingly entered back into the title fight and will take on Alexa Bliss at a later date, but the fact that Bayley is being moved so far down the card just leaves a sour taste in your mouth.

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