WWE Teasing New Love Interest For Nia Jax After Enzo Amore’s Firing


Nia Jax and Enzo Amore were being teased as an item for months leading up to the Royal Rumble and while that storyline ended abruptly when Amore was suspended and later fired due to sexual assault allegations, it seems that Jax is already moving on to bigger and better things. Of course some fans were hoping she would have won the first ever Woman’s Royal Rumble match Sunday night, which she did come close to doing before being eliminated by several superstars, but at least WWE has some kind of plan for her moving forward.

With that being said, it is being speculated after she tweeted a photo of herself and 205 Live General Manager hopeful, Drew Gulak, that she will be entering into some kind of storyline with him. What’s interesting about this is the fact Gulak was running buddies with Enzo Amore in The Zo Train, which essentially means that Gulak would be stealing Amore’s storyline girlfriend. Not that it matters after Amore was suspended and fired following damning allegations of sexually assualting someone, but its an interesting storyline idea none the less.

Below is the tweet that is fueling the rampant speculation.

With that being said and what WWE already did with Enzo Amore in mind, it is at least possible that WWE would be setting Jax up for another relationship storyline going forward. Not only does this give her something to do after seemingly being eliminated from the title picture at WrestleMania 34, but also allows her to show some more personality on television and hopefully become a babyface that everyone will love. Then again, she could do the exact opposite and act as Gulak’s enforcer if he becomes the new GM for 205 Live, which would be equally as interesting to watch.

What are your thoughts? Where is Nia Jax’s storyline heading next after being eliminated in the first ever Woman’s Royal Rumble and seemingly being removed form the title picture as well. Let us know in the comments below!


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