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WWE Superstar Accused Of Bringing His Son To A Strip Club And Doing Drugs


Anyone remember the video package that would play on the titan tron when Evolution made their entrance?

While a lot of fans in The WWE Universe probably weren’t big fans of the heel faction back in the ruthless aggression era, they definitely had an awesome entrance video complete with helicopters, fancy cars and dancing woman surrounding all four of them. They were cool, they were bad ass ¬†and they let everyone know it when they strolled to the ring every Monday Night. With that being said, its a kind of video package that hasn’t been replicated in quite a while, but that doesn’t stop superstars from dreaming about the lifestyle.

Unfortunately for former NXT Superstar, Enzo Amore, he is now being accused by a stripper on Twitter of brining his son to a strip club, getting high and talking about how famous he is. Interesting enough, this story comes only weeks after his split from Big Cass and while its impossible to know whether its true or not, it comes at a time when Amore faces a very uncertain future in The WWE and might even big dropped before all is said and done. In fact, its already been rumored that he is facing backstage problems as well and was even kicked out of the locker room for inappropriate behavior.

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