WWE Planning Shocking Swerve For Blockbuster Match At Summerslam



That’s the question that many fans in The WWE Universe are simultaneously pounding into their head after Baron Corbin’s unsuccessful cash in attempt on Jinder Mahal and while some are pointing to backstage heat as the reason for Corbin’s failure to win The WWE Title on Smackdonw Live Tuesday night, there are also signs that this could be a set up for something big to happen at Summerslam. In fact, it seems like WWE is setting up a passing of the torch moment for the young superstar.

WWE Insiders is being told that the unsuccessful cash in by Corbin was a way to create drama on the go home show before Summerslam and Corbin will indeed have the last laugh when he defeats John Cena at Summerslam in their one on one match. Of course Corbin no longer has the opportunity to win The WWE title at the pay per view and likely wont be involved in the title match between Mahal and Shinsuke Nakamura , but that doesn’t mean a win against Cena at the biggest party of the summer wont net him a guaranteed title shot in the future.

With that being said, a win against Cena, especially after The Cenation leader cost him the opportunity to win his first WWE Title on Smackdown Live, will definitely go a long way for Corbin and catapult him into the title picture. In fact, there are rumors now going around that a WWE title change will not happen at Summerslam, and Corbin will be inserted into the title picture after summerslam, which will create a Triple threat title match between the three young Smackdown Live superstars.

A triple threat match also will allow Jinder Mahal to lose the title and not actually take the loss himself, which will keep him looking strong into the fall months of the year. As for Corbin, he was already rumored to win The WWE title sometime in the fall, which aligns almost perfectly with him entering the title picture right after Summerslam. What are your thoughts? Is Corbin on track for the win of a lifetime at Summerslam, or will he quickly become an after thought when Summerslam is all said and done and Cena despises of him.?


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