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WWE Officials Removing Popular Superstar From Monday Night Raw Roster


Whether its for better or for worse, its no secret that WWE have removed people from the main roster In the past in order to develop their talents in NXT and hopefully bring them back to the main roster at some point in time. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t and the superstar just continues to flounder once they get put back on the main roster. With that being said, WWE superstar Lana is reportedly being moved back down to NXT, but it might not be that   bad of a thing as they want to develop her in ring talents during that time.

Lana has been at Rusev’s side for most of Rusev’s main roster run and while they have split up storyline wise a few times in the past, it usually wouldn’t last long and ended up just being a nefarious plot by the power couple.  Although things can always change and Lana could be involved in another storyline on the main roster if the powers that be want her to, its being reported by that,”Lana is expected to focus on wrestling in NXT while Rusev is out of action rehabbing from shoulder surgery.”

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