WWE Legend To Make Surprise Return At Battleground Pay Per View


The Battleground pay per view is only days away!

With that being said, one of the best things about pay per views is the surprises that WWE usually has in store for its loyal viewers. Of course its not always a good surprise, take Jason Jordan being revealed as Kurt Angle’s illegitimate son for example, but there are also times when WWE gets it right and shocks the fans with something great! That seems to be the direction WWE is heading as it has been announced that one of WWE’s most popular legends will be returning at the upcoming pay per view.

Unfortunately its only to commentate for the pre show and the special edition of Talking Smack that will take place after the pay per view, but its been announced by Jerry The King Lawler that he will be making a return to co-host both shows. Lawler has been seen sporadically since being removed from the announce team a few months back, but continues to be a fixture during pre and post shows when he is asked to be. There is of course no telling what he will do after this appearance, but there’s a good chance he will be used in the future as well.

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