WWE Legend Calls Out Ronda Rousey During Video


Its no secret that the entire WWE landscape changed when Ronda Rousey made a surprise apprentice at The Royal Rumble pay per view and while not everyone was happy with how her debut was done, it was a monumental moment for pro wrestling none the less. With that being said and the box office appeal that comes with being a former UFC Bantamweight champion and a certified badass at that, everyone wants a piece of her.

Fortunately for the WWE Universe, Ric Flair threw daughters name into the mix during a video on TMZ.com where the former 16 time champion told Rousey to fight his daughter. Interestingly enough, Charlotte has already told TMZ in a previous interview that Rousey knows where to find her, which could be a hint at a match between the two further down the line.

Of course its not known whether this will happen before or after Rousey’s rumored match against Asuka, which is said to be the match that Auska’s streak with finally come to an end, but its an interesting dream match between two extraordinary athletes none the less. It also has the potential to have huge drawing power for The WWE and that’s always a good thing for a company that sometime struggles to do that.

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