Vince McMahon Reportedly Talking To WWE Legend About Making Surprise Return


It’s been a while since Hulkamania has run wild in WWE.

That is of course due to the fact that Hulk Hogan had transcripts and audio of a sex tape he made leak and while that wasn’t enough to keep him out of The WWE spotlight on its own, racist remarks he made during the tape was enough for WWE to wipe Hulk Hogan from the WWE completely. The situation was compounded further when Hogan won his defamation lawsuit against, who originally leaked the tapes, but the decision still came at the worst possible time and it would be awhile before Hogan would ever step back into a WWE ring.

According to a report by The Observer, Hulk Hogan recently did an autograph signing in Los Angeles and when he was asked about coming back to WWE, Hogan said he and Vince are talking. Reports are it’s only a matter of time before Hulk Hogan comes back to WWE. All WWE needs is to be certain bringing Hogan back won’t hurt any sponsorship deals. Some are saying Hogan might not be back as soon as people would hope due to the recent Paigegate scandal though.”

With that being said, it seems that Paige’s nude photos being leaked is the only thing keeping Hogan off of Television and once that situation is finally worked out, we will finally see the return of everyone’s favorite Hulkster.  What are your thought? Please let us know in the comments below and be sure to leave us a comment about whether you think Hulk Hogan can have one more match or not.

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