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Vince McMahon Makes Three Major Announcements On Monday Night Raw


Oh Vince McMahon you sly dog.

You come out on Raw the night after WrestleMania 33 literally left the crowd with their collective jaws on the ground, and you make three blockbuster announcements in the span of 6 minutes. Not to mention you repeatedly  trolled the crowd like the  cruel man you are throughout the entire segment. With that being said and the fact that nothing was off limits, except for Paige’s sex tape, Vince McMahon also got down to business and addressed The WWE Universe.

The first was that apparently it was time to shake things up around here and that The WWE will be holding their second draft in under a year next week on Raw. While this too much of a shocker, especially since it was rumored for some time that several superstars would be making the switch to different brands, it was still interesting that McMahon said no one was safe. Does this confirm that Roman Reigns wil be making the switch to the blue brand and taking out Wyatt and Orton for The WWE title? Where does this leave AJ Styles? If he moves to Raw, does he get put in a title match with Brock Lesnar?

The seconde revealtion was that Stephanie McMahon would be out for sometime after falling through a table the previous night at WrestleMania. The main question here is whether this means that Triple H will be leaving for a long time too and if the power couple will ever return to WWE television. That revelation lead to the even bigger revealtion. That of course was the revelation that Kurt Angle, who hasnt stepped inside a WWE ring in many years now, would be the new general manager of Monday Night Raw.

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Was that too fast for you? It was for me too! With that being said, what are your thoughts on these groundbreaking announcments . Give me your thoughts in the comments below and i promise ill respond!

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