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Top Superstar Being Removed From Universal Title Match At Summerslam


What happened last week!

One minute Samoa Joe, Bruan Strowman and Roman Reigns were all arguing for the right to face Brock Lesnar at Summerslam for The Universal title, a title he has held since WrestleMania 33 in April, and the next minute all hell broke loose after it was announced by Kurt Angle that it would now be a Fatal four-way match for The Universal title. Of course all three men looked great in the fray, especially Bruan Strowman, who  took out several security guards, but apparently he got a little reckless towards the end.

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With that being said, WWE insiders is now being told that there is at least a chance that Bruan Strowman will be taken out of the match at Summerslam after throwing one of the security guards half haphazardly over the top rope and plummeting to the floor. The security guard, who was later revealed to be an independent talent hired by WWE for the night, looked like he landed head first on the arena floor after the encounter and it could have easily caused him a concussion or a severe neck injury.

While some might think this is just a knee jerk reaction by WWE officials to something that shouldn’t be a big deal, fans have to consider that WWE is giving Strowman a chance to compete with one of their best superstars and don’t want to risk an injury of that top star in the process. Furthermore, if Lesnar got injured too early into his run as champion, it would make his reign look completely pointless and take away from the eventual build up of someone finally taking out Lesnar to win the title.

In the end, WWE is trying to build towards something with Lesnar’s title reign and whether that is for Roman Reigns to eventually defeat him at Summerslam and take the title or for another young superstar to finally defeat Lesnar, all of that goes out  the window if Lesnar isn’t able to compete due to an injury.

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