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Top Superstar Being Added To Title Match At WrestleMania 33!


WWE has a history of changing things.

Take WrestleMania 30 for example. Not only was Daniel Bryan rumored to not even been considered for a spot in the main event title match at WrestleMania 33, he wasn’t really supposed to be high on the card at all. Fortunately for Bryan, The Yes Movement got extremely vocal in the weeks before WrestleMania 33 and seemingly forced WWE’s hand to what the main event would be for WrestleMania 33. Whether this was WWE’s plan all along or not remains to be seen and may never be known, but its interesting to note that it wasn’t always the plan.

The big question now is whether that same theory will apply to the current happenings between Sasha Banks, Bayley and Charlotte for The Women’s title right now. While Nia Jax has been on one of the most dominant streaks in recent years in The WWE, especially since she only has one singles loss in her entire main roster career, some fear that she will be left off The WrestleMania 33 card and be denied her WrestleMania moment. With that being said, a new report from Dave Meltzer, is claiming that the events between Bayley and Nia Jax on Raw Monday Night could only make sense if Jax would be added to the match

According to Dave Meltzer during an edition of The Wrestling Observer this week ,”Jax could still be added to the bout in coming weeks as it’s the only way the segment carried out on this week’s Raw would make sense.” Of course the report offers the caveat that plans can always change and WWE could decide to leave  Nia Jax out of the title match and even give her another match entirely, Meltzer does have a point that the DQ finish to Monday Night’s match between Bayley and Nia Jax, especially since it would make no sense for Jax to look strong against the champ if she wasn’t going to be added to the match .

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