Top NXT Superstar Not Being Advertised For Upcoming Tour


Is the sign that WWE fans have been waiting for?

Whether it will be before WrestleMania 33 or later this summer, it is being rumored that former NXT Champion and The King Of Strong Style, Shinsuke  Nakamura, is not being advertised on the upcoming NXT tour due to the fact that he will be coming to the main roster very soon. While this is still speculation at this time, a poster of the  upcoming NXT Live tour is the reason for the rumors making their way around the web again especially since the poster does not include Nakamura, who has been an important  part of NXT for some time now.

Below is a copy of the tweet sent out by Triple H this week

With that being said and the fact that Samoa Joe recently debuted on the red brand, it is believed that Nakamura will make his debut on The Smackdown Live roster sometime between now and June. It was originally reported that Nakamura would be brought to the blue brand’s roster before WrestleMania 33, BUT with Shane McMahon versus AJ Styles being announced this week for WrestleMania 33 and not many other spots available for the king of strong style at this year’s Show of Shows, it is believed that it will happen sometime after WrestleMania.

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