Storytime: The Time I Almost Got Kicked Out Of A WWE Event After Meeting The Undertaker


The internet is a funny place, especially for wrestling fans.

While i have followed wrestling on and off for almost my entire life, other fans seem to always want to question my fandom and claim that i know absolutely nothing about wrestling. Of course a lot of that probably has to do with me being a huge John Cena fan since i started watching wrestling in 2004, but that doesn’t mean that i’m an absolute traitor. In fact, since watching wrestling again after losing a bet to a friend,  i became a huge fan of Daniel Bryan, AJ Lee, Ryback Finn Balor and Shinsuke Nakamura.

With that being said, and the amazing moments that i have watched unfold on my television over the last three years, nothing compares to that time that i actually saw WWE live and in person. That’s probably no surprise to anyone reading this, but live events are just so tailored to the fans that its almost impossible not to feel enchanted after watching a show live. What made my experience even more awesome however was the casket match between Big Show and Undertaker where i actually got to met The Deadman himself.

Unfortunately for me, no greetings were exchanged between the two of us, as Undertaker was taking nasty chop after nasty chop to the chest from The Big Show, but one of the world’s largest athletes chops was enough to push Taker over the guardrail and onto my dad and mine’s lap. As a fan of The Deadman since i started watching wrestling only a year or two ago, it was pretty safe to say that i was totally freaking out over the encounter and couldn’t help but feel special that the moment unfolded right in front of me.

After the encounter with The Undertaker, i remember getting really into the match between him and The Big Show. Not that i wasn’t into it before, but having The Deadman fall into your lap is definitely a life changing experience to say the least. In fact, it injected so much realism into the match between the two gladiators that i remember thinking that the two were really beating the crap out of each other. Fortunately for me, the two spilled out to ringside again after a little back and forth in the ring and i was face to face with The Big Show this time.

Undertaker then caught Big Show from behind with a few big left hands to his face, causing Show to slump down on the barricade right in front of me. I remember getting so into it at that moment that i started tapping Big Show aggressively on the shoulder yelling, “Get up Show get up!”Little did i know that it was against the rules to do so and security had to back me away from the action for a bit. The security guard did tell me that if i did it again, my dad and i would be removed from the arena, but i was too pumped up on adrenaline to care

In the end, it was an experience i will always remember for the rest of my life. Not because i almost got thrown out while sitting ringside at a Smackdown event, but because i got to meet two of my favorite superstars in a matter of minutes and it definitely did make me a fan for life. What are your thoughts? Did you have a similar experience? Let me know in the comments below!



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