Shocking Heel Turn Set To Happen On Smackdown Live Next Week!


Nothing spices things up like a good old fashioned heel turn.

Not only does this reinvigorate someone’s character and prolong their longevity in some cases, it also creates new and interesting storyliens for fans to enjoy. With that being said, its not always done right and while AJ Styles, Roman Reigns and The Bar are all examples of it working wonders on superstars careers, it doesn’t always work out that way. Unfortunately for one superstar about to make the switch from a good guy to a bad guy, its not known exactly how it will play out and if it will have a positive or negative effect on the overall brand.

In case you missed it, Shane McMahon laid down the law for both Kevin Owens and AJ Styles during a segment on Smackdown Live and while a lot of the tension seemed to be between Owens and Styles, there were also a few subtle teases to a Shane McMahon heel turn as well. For example, when the brawl broke out between The United States Champion and his challenger, Styles accidentally nailed McMahon with a Pelee kick, which seemed to leave him with a bad taste in his mouth.

Even more interesting was the fact that they brought up The Montreal Screwjob, which could have just been done to hype up the Canadian crowd and get them behind Styles, but it was interesting to see WWE tease a biased decision on Shane McMahon’s part. With that being said, and the mini altercation between Styles and McMahon in mind, it looks like WWE is planning to turn McMahon into a heel character at this year’s Summerslam and the building up to the big surprise will continue next week on Smackdown Live.

This will ultimately lead to McMahon costing Styles during their United States Championship rematch and the two could even continue their old WrestleMania 33 feud into the fall months of the year. Exactly how all this would play out is anyone’s guess, but it will be interesting to see what exactly WWE decides to do with a heel Shane McMahon character and who he ends up facing in the future. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments below!


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