Shinsuke Nakamura Being Punished For Huge Mistake On Smackdown Live?


Did Shinsuke Nakamura say more than he should have?

Shinsuke Nakamura, who came to the main roster the night after WrestleMania and drew immense fan interest in the process, is rumored to be the favorite to win The Money In The Bank briefcase on Sunday and his ascension of the ladder on Tuesday night only furthered that rumor. With that being said and WWE putting a lot of stock into their former NXT champion, he may have accidentally destroyed that in a matter of seconds when he made a very interesting statement on Talking Smack on Tuesday night.

According to,” Shinsuke Nakamura appeared on the post-SmackDown segment Talking Smack for an interview, where he was asked about Dolph Ziggler. Nakamura stated that Ziggler was a very good wrestler and ended up letting out some more information in the process. Nakamura, while discussing Ziggler further, stated that he could go to Japan soon for a few months. Nakamura may thus have confirmed that Dolph Ziggler would be leaving the WWE and may be heading to a Japanese promotion next.”

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Unfortunately for WWE, this may or may not completely validate the rumor of Dolph Ziggler leaving WWE in a couple of months and retiring from the company for good. Of course, now there’s the possibility of him going to wrestle in Japan, which would be an interesting turn in The Showoff’s career, but the bigger update here is that it came from Nakamura’s mouth. What this means for Nakamura and his rumored push to become MR. Money In The Bank remains to be seen, but Sunday’s Money in The Bank pay per view will be a pretty good indicator.


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