Ronda Rousey To Team Up With WWE Legend At WrestleMania 34


What will Ronda Rousey being doing at WrestleMania 34.

While some fans were probably hoping for a one on one match up with Asuka or Charlotte right off the bat, especially since she was rumored to be a participant in the first ever Royal Rumble, it is now being said that she will be teaming up with a WWE Superstar to take on The Authority instead. Of course WWE can always change their mind on this and book her in a singles title feud, but these seems to be the best way for WWE to pace themselves right now.

Keep in mind that WWE has a lot of great storyline opportunities to do with Rousey during her run with the company and they would be foolish to build something like that in the little time they have left before WrestleMania 34. In fact, the current idea of a mixed tag team match allows for WWE to tout Rousey’s debut in WWE, but not go far enough to have her first singles match in the company yet.

With that being said, rumors are swirling about who Rousey will be teaming up with to take on The Authority at WresteMania 34, which has led to some pretty interesting possibilities for the former Bantamweight champion. Fortunately for members of The WWE Universe hoping for the blockbuster match of a lifetime, they might just get that if she teams up with a particular WWE Legend.

According to Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, “WWE is considering four names for Rousey’s partner at WreslteMania. Those names are The Rock, Kurt Angle, Shane McMahon and Seth Rollins. As of this writing, Angle is the most-likely candidate for the spot if The Rock is unavailable to appear at the show. Shane is another possibility, however he is currently involved in a long-term feud with Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens on the SmackDown brand.”

If nothing else, teaming Rousey up with Kurt Angle with Rousey to take on The Authority is a great way for WWE to put control of Monday Night Raw at stake and also have Angle wrestle a blockbuster match. The matchup even continues on previous storylines between Kurt Angle and Triple H, which will definitely go a long way in giving the match that nostalgic feel that The WWE Universe will love!

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