Rey Mysterio’s Status With WWE After The Royal Rumble Revealed


Former World Heavyweight Champion and longtime WWE fan favorite, Rey Mysterio returned to WWE during The 2018 Royal Rumble and while Mysterio wasn’t able to win the whole thing and go on to headline WrestleMania 34, he did have one of the best showings of his illustrious career. In fact, Mysterio, who hasn’t been seen in a WWE ring since 2015, was one of the final six competitors in the ring during The Royal Rumble and was only eliminated after Finn Balor sent him over the top rope.

Unfortunately for those hoping that this would lead to some kind of long term deal between WWE and the former crusierweight champion, it is being reported by PW Insider that the deal was one off made only a week before The Royal Rumble event.  The signing was kept secret in order to create a surprise for The Royal Rumble match and while it wasn’t on the same level as an Undertaker, Kenny Omega, Bobby Lashley or Sting appearance, it was still one that brought the fans to their feet as they witnessed 619 after 619 throughout the match.

With that being said and the ever changing landscape of WWE in mind, it is being speculated by a few outlets that Mysterio’s fan support was so impressive during the match that The WWE might consider signing him to a long term deal. Of course it would probably only be so Mysterio can wrestle on 205 Live and help elevate the the purple brands lacking division, but it would still be a way for fans that have grown up watching Mysterio for all those years to be able to see their underdog hero in action one final time!

What are your thoughts? Should WWE sign Mysterio to a long term deal and put him The Crusierweight division in order to revive the dying brand? Let us know in the comments below and tell us what you thought of The Royal Rumble!

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