Reason Why Vince McMahon Refuses To Push Dolph Ziggler Revealed!


Why doesn’t Triple H like Dolph Ziggler?

Is it his talent? His looks? Or does it have anything with the fact that he has been injured a few times throughout his tenure in WWE. While all of those examples were some of the most talked about reasons for why Triple doesn’t like Dolph Ziggler, it turns out it goes a little bit deeper than that. In fact, it’s being said by a former writer for WWE that Vince’s son in law didn’t like Ziggler due to the fact that he was apparently obsessed with being just like one of the most popular WWE superstars of all time.

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According to Kevin Eck in an interview with, “Even though Ziggler was getting a good reaction from the fans, McMahon was highly critical of Ziggler’s instincts in the ring and his promos. Triple H wasn’t a big Ziggler fan, either. He thought Ziggler didn’t take direction well and was overly obsessed with trying to be the next Shawn Michaels.” The former writer went on to say that,” After making the announcement to a roomful of surprised writers and producers, McMahon said he wanted to be clear that “we are not pushing Dolph.” McMahon explained that he was going through with the cash-in and title switch because he wanted a big, surprise moment for the night after WrestleMania.”

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