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Reason Why Title Match Was Removed From Payback Pay Per View Revealed


In what has to be an interesting move on WWE’s part, the company has decided not to have Randy Orton defend The WWE Title against Bray Wyatt in the House of Horrors match at Payback, which completely eliminates any chance of The WWE Title coming to the red brand. With that being said, Jinder Mahal, who was originally pegged as a mid carder at best, now finds himself as the number one contender for The WWE Title and will have a chance to become The WWE Champion next month a Backlash.

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Why though? Why would WWE make such an abrupt change to what was supposed to be Bray Wyatt’s big rematch for The WWE Title? Is this a sign that WWE doesn’t have the confidence in him that they once did? Did he upset someone backstage and lose favor with the higher-ups for something he did? While these questions all remained unanswered, it is interesting to note that some sources are now speculating that the move is being done to put more emphasis on The House of Horrors Stipulation at Payback.

Of course, its impossible to know hat will come of that and how it ultimately further the character of Bray Wyatt, but one theory is that WWE will use this match stipulation as a way to introduce a new character into Wyatt’s storyline, which could end up being Sister Abigail.  Another theory is that Finn Balor will be the one to interfere in the match between Wyatt and Orton, but it would be harder to pull off then The Sister Abigail character and would require WWE to turn Balor heel in the process.

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