Real Reason Why WWE Keeps Putting Enzo Amore in The Main Event Of Monday Night Raw Revealed


The Certified G has now headlined Monday Night Raw for the second week in a row.

While that is usually a spot reserved for the likes of Roman Reigns, Bruan Strowman, John Cena or even The Woman’s division due to their revolution, WWE has for some reason or another put Enzo Amore and the cruserweight edition of Monday Night Raw.  Of course doing so has drawn the ire of some people in The WWE Universe for giving a b show division the main event spot on WWE’s flagship show, but it has also provided some of the best and most off the wall moments that fans have seen in some time.

With that being said and the growing concern of what in the world WWE is doing by continuing his trend of putting Amore and The Cruserweight championship in the main event or Raw, WWE Insiders is being told that the move has several reasons behind. The first is a the simple one that Vince McMahon just seems to enjoy Amore getting his ass kicked on Raw night after night and decided to move his storyline in the main event in order to send fans home happy after seeing Amore get destroyed by 10 to 15 superstars.

Another rumored reason for the main event spot is that Vince McMahon is trying to turn The Cruserweight division into a laughing stock, which seems very likely given the lackluster surprise return of Kalisto on  Raw this week and the fact that Amore is continuously allowed to trash talk every member in the current division.  Sure, some will just chalk up that last part to WWE trying to include more realism into the storylines , but it becomes something else entirely  when Amore is allowed to ruthlessly demean the entire division week after week.

In the end, its up to WWE what they decide to do with their television properties and while it is saddening ot see an entire division constantly made fun of and chalked up to nothing more then a bathroom break , if WWE wants to kill the cruserweight division. They’ll do it anyway they damn well please.

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