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Real Reason Why Alexa Bliss Defeated Sasha Banks On Monday Night Raw Revealed


That moment when Brock Lesnar’s promo on Bruan Strowman wasn’t even the best part of Monday Night Raw.

While there were many memorable moments throughout this week’ edition of Monday Night Raw, the closing moments of the Woman’s title match ¬†between Sasha Banks versus Alexa Bliss really stole the show. In fact, it was billed from the beggining as a test to see if Sasha Banks could successfully defend The Woman’s title and while she ultimately failed in doing so, there seems to be a very crucial reason behind the title change. One that will have a lot of fans happy once it actually happens.

With that being said, WWE Insiders are being told that the reason for the abrupt title change was a way to set up Nia Jax versus Alexa Bliss at No Mercy, but also so Sasha Banks could have a reason to be written off Raw for awhile. The move is said to be all apart of Sasha Bank’s heel turn and that fans will ultimately see it happen in the next month or so.

Furthermore, we are being told that Asuka will be the one to challenge The Raw woman’s champion after No Mercy, but its not known who will have the title at this point in time. Its believed that it could be Nia Jax, especially since a title run had been teased with her for a long time, but it could also be so WWE can bring Asuka to the main roster after No Mercy and take down Nia Jax. This will eventually result in Sasha Banks going out to congratulate Askua for winning the title, before turning heel and attacking her to set up another title opportunity.

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