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Real Reason Bayley Was Removed From Tag Team Match On Raw Revealed

WrestleMania 33


It hasn’t been a good couple of months for Bayley.

Not only did she lose her Raw Woman’s title in her hometown to Alexa Bliss, she also lost her rematch at Extreme Rules and again in a gauntlet match to determine the new number one contender for the title. In fact, Bayley was the first person eliminated from the Gauntlet match last week on Raw, which was eventually won by Sasha Banks. Unfortunately for Bayley, her luck got much worse after she was assaulted by Nia Jax during a tag team match on Raw and had to be stretchered out by EMT, leaving Sasha Banks to fend for her self.

With that being said, and the fact that Bayley’s supposed injury was broadcast on television multiple times after the break, it looks like everyone’s favorite Hugger is not actually injured and this is all apart of some storyline. It was already mentioned by quite a few sources last week that Bayley would have a reduced role on Monday Night Raw for the time being and Monday’s incident on Raw seems to further the notion that everything is going according to plan. The only question is, what is the final result of all this?

While it will be impossible to truly know at this point in time, it seems like WWE is planning to split up the best friends and turn Sasha Banks heel in the process. This also means that Sasha Banks will most likely be winning the title at Great Balls of Fire this Sunday, especially since that will help set up the turn between Bayley and Banks. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. i really think the wwe crew is outhinking itself. they continually think of the same thing they thought about last week..there is no more originality in their thinking.. Oh ya we haven’t done that in 2 weeks lets try that again..

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