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Popular WWE Superstar Threatening To Quit If His Demands Aren’t Met


How did we get here?

One minute Dean Ambrose is on Smackdown Live and living it up as Intercontinental Champion while simultaneous making Miz’s life a living hell and the next minute he and Seth Rollins are back for a mini Shield reunion of epic proportions. Sure, it took awhile to get to this point and its not a full reunion with the addition of Roman Reigns, but WWE is obviously hell bent on capitalizing on some Shield nostalgia right now. With that being said, a new rumor claims that the reunion almost never happened.

According to our sources, the storyline almost didn’t happen due to Dean Ambrose not wanting to go through with it and apparently even led to him threatening to quit over the deal. Ambrose reportedly hasn’t been happy with The WWE ever since losing The WWE Championship last year and was even more upset when he was moved to Raw and Renee Young was stuck on Smackdown Live. in the end, ¬†Ambrose agreed to do the storyline as long as Renee Young was moved to Raw and the mini Shield reunion resulted in a tag team title run.

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Interestingly enough, one of those things have already happened, Renee Young being sent to Raw after the cancellation of Talking Smack, and a tag team title run is apparently in the works. Whether WWE decides to go through with the plan or not remains to be seen, but it will be pretty much must see television in the mean time. Another thing that points to WWE planning to put the tag team titles on Rollins and Ambrose is the fact that Sheamus is taking some time off after Summerslam and will thus need to drop the title before then.

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