Popular WWE Superstar Being Written Off TV Due To Injury


What in the hell happened?

While WWE live events have served as a place for surprises in the past, take Cesaro and Sheamus battling it out in their best of five series on a live event show last year for example, title changes don’t usually happen during these kind of events. Sure, a timely title change at a Live event could be the difference between another same old same old show and blowing up the internet well past midnight , but it can be confusing for some fans that didn’t read what happened and come to Raw or Smackdown expecting the championships to be on the same people.

Unfortunately for those fans, AJ Styles defeated Kevin Owens for The United States Championship at a house show in Madison Square Garden and while Dave Meltzer from Wrestling Observer Radio doesn’t know exactly why the title change happened, he thinks it may have to do with the fact that Kevin Owens has been working hurt ever since Money in The Bank and the injuries might now be worse then originally thought. ¬†Unfortunately for Owens, the title now being off his person and his injuries now feared to be much worse then expected, he might have to take time off in order to recuperate.

Its not known if this will be WWE’s plan of action or not or if Kevin Owens will just be in a more limited role going forward and will get his rematch agaisnt AJ Styles at a later time, but Owens losing the title at a house show isnt a good sign at all. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below and feel free to tell me im full of B.S if you think i’m wrong!


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