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Popular WWE Legend To Make Surprise Return At Upcoming Pay Per View


The biggest party of the summer needs to have the biggest match of the year.

To do that however they are going to need to top the previous biggest match of the year, which was The Undertaker versus Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 33 in Orlando. Interestingly enough, WWE has already been very ambiguous about The Undertaker’s current status with the company and as far as anyone knows, the dead man hasn’t had his career ending hip surgery yet. With that being said and a major development during a live show in mind, it looks like WWE wants to do Undertaker versus Roman Reigns part two at Summerslam.


While rumors about The Deadman’s return at next year’s WrestleMania in new Orleans, ¬†are still running wild, Roman Reign’s called out The Deadman during a live event this week, which could be WWE’s way of signaling that the rematch will be happening at Summerslam this year. WWE has already teased a rematch many times between the two, the previous one being when Michael Cole choose the words, seemingly retired, to describe the Undertaker during a recent edition of Monday Night Raw.

The call out happened during a live event in Singapore when Roman Reigns took to the ring and told fans that if The Undertaker wanted the big dog, he knew where to find him,” Of course this could always be just WWE’s way of creating magic during a live show and leaving fans with anticipation for something that may never happen, but its interesting that WWE has chosen to mention Undertaker and the words, possibly retired when talking about him. If nothing else, its a clue that things are not over and that the feud will continue at this years Summerslam.

What are your thoughts? Is Undertaker set for a return at Summerslam? Let us know in the comments below!

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