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Popular WWE Legend Set To Make Surprise Return Soon


There’s nothing like a surprise return in The WWE.

In fact, i remember going crazy and jumping around in my pajamas like a lunatic when Evolution reuniting two years ago to take on The Shield in a six man tag team match. Of course it didn’t last long and i wasn’t able to catch much of the matches between the two star studded teams on pay per view, my eyes were permanently glued to the screen when Evolution was in the ring. With that being said, a lot of that had to do with the fact that i started watching pro wrestling back when  Evolution first formed, but it was still really cool to see the team reunite to take on the modern day stars.

Fast forward to 2017 and WWE is desperately in need of another electric shock like the one that took place when Evolution reunited that faithful night on Raw.  Fortunately for fans of Matt and Jeff Hardy, their former manager, Lita, recently spoke to and while an outright return wasn’t announced during the interview, she did tease an appearance from The WWE legend with team extreme some time in the near future. The only problem however, is that Jeff Hardy is currently on the shelf with a shoulder injury, which will most likely delay the surprise return for awhile.

“All I want to say is keep your eyes open,” Lita told when asked about the possibility of ever returning to the squared circle, ,” if you see a third member with whomever the Hardyz are facing. If there’s someone interfering and messing around with them and there needs to be an equaliser for a potential “one night only attraction”, I think that would be a lot of fun,”

With that in mind and the current situation with Jeff Hardy’s shoulder, its not known whether the idea has already been scrapped or not, but if not, maybe WWE could reunite Matt and Lita while waiting for Jeff Hardy to recover. It could also help Jason Jordan, who is currently teaming with Matt Hardy and maybe even help get him over as a midcard star. What are your thoughts? Can Lita help them or do you think she would wait and reunite with the real team extreme when Jeff Hardy is better.

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