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Popular WWE Legend Reveals They Haven’t Been Cleared To Wrestle Yet



It was one of the biggest returns in recent memory.

In fact, when Kurt Angle’s music played for the first time when he was announced as the new general manager of Monday Night Raw, the entire arena came unglued for several seconds before they were able to compose themselves. Of course Angles Hall of fame induction and return to WWE was rumored for some time by multiple sources, but it was still so amazing to see a larger then life figure from The Attitude era step back into the ring and take control of WWE’s flag ship show, Monday Night Raw.

While Angle has done fantastic so far in his role as acting General Manager for Raw, even organizing some of the best matches that the brand has seen in some time, fans are still wondering when they will get to see their Olympic gold hero step back into the ring with an opponent standing in the other corner. With that being said and rumor running rampant that Angle’s first match will be against Triple H at Summerslam, Angle revealed in an interview with channel guide that he isnt cleared to wrestle yet. There is no word on when he will be, but it doesn’t look like it will be anytime soon.

What are your thoughts on Kurt Angle’s status with WWE? Will he step back into the ring before WrestleMania, or will fans have to wait until The Show of Shows in New Orleans to finally see the former champion lock up again?


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