Popular Superstar Wants WWE To Release Them?


It always sucks when a popular superstar’s days in The WWE are numbered and will be coming to an end soon.

Unfortunately for Enzo Amore, that appears to be his situation within the company after it was revealed that he was facing major backstage heat for doing something other talent found offensive on a tour bus. It was also reported that Roman Reigns would end up being the one to kick him off the tour bus, and he was even kicked out the locker room for a time following the incident. WIth that being said, its also rumored that the bus incident is at least part of the reason why Enzo Amore and Big Cass broke up, which Enzo Amore is said to not be happy with.

According to Dave Meltzer from The Wrestling Observor radio show,”  there was an incident several weeks ago on a tour bus. At this time there is not a confirmed report of exactly what caused the incident but it was said to have something to do with the business. Many people were upset about what happened and it resulted in Roman Reigns kicking Enzo Amore off the bus. Enzo was reportedly then given “The Miz treatment” where he wasn’t allowed to dress in the locker room.”

It gets worse however, as WWE Insiders is now being told that Enzo Amore will be written off of television very soon and will ultimately come to terms on a release with WWE in the the next week or so. While Amore is a very popular superstar in the eyes of The WWE Universe, his appeal dosen’t get the same treatment backstage and WWE just seem to even care what they do with him at this point. . He’s already got backstage heat, has been kicked of a tour bus by Roman Reigns and kicked out of the locker room, so what use does The WWE have for a guy that cant draw a wrestling crowd with his in ring abilities.

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