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Popular Superstar Removed From Number One Contender’s Match On Raw For Bad Behavior?


Apparently this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw included some last minute changes.

While some think that last minute change was the decision to have Alexa Bliss walk out as Raw Woman’s champion, especially since Sasha Bank’s reign was so short lived, it was actually the decision to put Enzo Amore in the 15 man Battle Royal to determine the new number one contender for The Intercontinental title. With that being said and the multiple stories of Enzo Amore’s behavior over the past few months, it is believed that the decision was made after more bad behavior on Amore’s fault.

Unfortunately, its not known exactly what happened to prompt the last minute change, but it must have pretty bad for them to take Amore out of the 16 man battle royal that kicked off Raw this week. It is even being reported that the original plan was to have Amore win the title and go on to face The Miz and The Miztourage. The move was said to be because WWE thought fans would get behind him more if he was able to dethrone The Miz and that the fans would go nuts if it actually happened.

Amore already got in trouble earlier this year after an incident on a tour bus got him kicked off the bus and later kicked out of the Raw looker room. The match at Summerslam where Amore was put in a shark cage above the ring was said to be because of Amore’s behavior backstage and on the road. Amore’s situation was made much worse after Big Cass got injured last week during a street fight between the two. Instead of being put in the Battle Royal to consider the new number one contender for The Miz;s ¬†Intercontinental championship.


What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below and tell us what you think Amore did to deserve such a punishment.


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