Popular Superstar Officially Retires From WWE

Say it isnt so.

Nothing last forever, and it looks like while Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho splitting up during the festival of friendship was enough of a heart break for The WWE Universe, Y2J’s latest announcement during a Youtube interview on his channel. In the video he thanked the fans for everything and then referred to his trip to Japan to face Finn Balor at a live event as a last hurrah for him. Its already been  reported that Jericho would be taking at least a year off to focus on his band, Fozzy, but his latest interview seems to paint an entirely different picture.

“I took the whole year of 2016 away from Fozzy to come back to the WWE, Jericho said after his match with Finn Balor in Toyoko Japan  ” I had a great time, one of the best runs of my career, and then it was time to go back to the band and focus on music for a while. So this was kind of like the last hurrah for WWE for this time” With that being said, Jericho has made similar statements before, which has made his eventual returns even more exciting, but this time it seems like he’s telling the truth.

Take the match against Finn Balor for example. It was a bit of a dream match for fans, especially if your a fan of the high flying, high octane action that both Balor and Jericho can produce and it would be a great note for Jericho to go out on as well. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below and be  sure to let us know what your favorite part of Jericho’s last run in The WWE was.

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