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Popular Superstar Caught Breaking Character On Monday Night Raw


Sometimes live isn’t a good thing.

While live and unscripted moments are probably among some of the best memories of The WWE Universe, they are also moments that can get superstars in trouble from time to time. Whether that’s due to someone accidentally breaking character or something unplanned happening that ultimately leaves top brass unhappy with how things turned out, its pretty safe to say that live isn’t always the greatest thing in the world for a company that prides itself on suspension of disbelief.

With that being said, Noam Dar accidentally broke character during his six man tag team match with Drew Gulak and Tony Neese and while the camera did a great job of hiding it, it didn’t go completely unnoticed. For those that missed it, Enzo Amore cut a promo on his opponents for the six man Cruserweight ┬átag team match, which included an awesome line about Drew Gulak looking like Captain Underpants. Unfortunately for his tag team partner, Noam Dar, Amore’s comment was so funny that even he burst out laughing.

Of course the moment was quickly concealed with a split second cut back to Amore while Dar had a chance to compose himself and the rest of the segment wen’t off without a hitch. Enzo Amore and his team also ended up winning the match, which is a good indicator of Amore’s future on 205 Live, but one has to wonder if Dar’s television time on Raw or 205 Live will end up being cut due to the incident.

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