Popular Superstar Being Written Off Television At Backlash

The superstar shakeup changed everything.

Both Raw and Smackdown made some noteworthy changes to its respective rosters, but the biggest one had to be that of Charlotte Flair. Not only was Charlotte Monday Night Raw’s key component in the woman’s division, especially since her and Sasha Banks fought in a rivalry over the title for months, she also was someone that WWE had big plans for. With that being said, it seemed weird that she was sent to Smackdown Live as a part of the shakeup and even more weird that she was turned babyface in the process.

Of course, the babyface turn wasn’t all bad and did yield an interesting result at the end of Smackdown Live one night, but it was still something WWE was going back and forth on several times and may have eroded Charlotte’s potential on the blue brand in the long run. Only adding to the confusion about what WWE plans to do about Charlotte’s current babyface status, according to  Sportskeeda “WWE officials are high up on Carmella, and she’s set to step into a Women’s Title feud with Naomi after Backlash.

This is interesting due to the fact that it was hinted at during Smackdown Live this week that WWE would be going with a Charlotte versus Naomi storyline after their six-man tag match at Backlash on Sunday, but now it seems that WWE wants Carmella to fill that role instead. Unfortunately, it’s not known what this does to Charlotte and what WWE’s plan for her is. If nothing else, WWE now needs to either go along with the original plan for the title picture after Backlash or create some kind of reason why Charlotte can’t compete for the title, which it seems that a storyline injury is the best option here.

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3 thoughts on “Popular Superstar Being Written Off Television At Backlash

  1. This is getting ridiculous, I personally don’t care for Carmella and have lost a lot of interest since the superstars have been switched from Raw to Smackdown. I wonder what others think.

  2. Chorlette fliar is a talented spoiled rotten egotist wrestler that deserve to be midcarder for awhile let other shine for a change keep the divison great and intresting carmella is awesome i would love to see chorlette turn back as heel babyface isn’t her at all . I can see her get ambushed by welcoming committee and injured and noami defending her championship agianst carmella and out comes becky lynch and chorlette to stop nattie and tamina for interfering they get ejected fighting with them chorlette get hurt more from fight and james ellisworth on apron as noami was going for win and chorlette returns to ringside and chorlette gets on apron offical attention is on ellisworth and noami breaks pin carmella up and chorlette looks like going to help noami she argues with carmella and noami pulls chorlette back tells her she got her and as she turns her back chorlette attacks noami from behind and leaves and carmella covers her and wins championship. This set up for two things chorlette heel turn being apart welcoming committee saying becky and noami wasn’t there when she was ambushed and then nattie and tamina turn on carmella with ellisworth watching helpless until chorlette convince him to dump her for her this set for new smackdown champion carmella faceturn . Then we get noami vs chorlette fued for contendership for championship .

  3. I do not want Junder Mahal to the belt. He is an ass. He cheats and could not win a match on his own. Take those 2 goons away from him and see if he cam win a match on his own and if he is champ worthy but I really doubt it. Randy Orton is very champ worthy. Charlot is a great wrestler. Put where she can be used. dont put her out pastor. She has had some great feuds and man they are fun to watch. Go with a 3 triple match. Naomi Carmila and The Queen. That would be a great match. Sometimes these matches get to boring and Charlot can spice things up. Smack Down Live is better than Raw. Raw has so so boring.

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