Popular Superstar Being Removed From Monday Night Raw Roster

Sometimes WWE careers take a huge sag or detour.

Take Finn Balor for example, who despite being one of the most popular superstars in NXT history and having one of the most anticipated debuts in WWE’sp entire history, got injured only a month after coming to the main roster and was forced to sit out for over half a year in order to repair a torn labrum in his shoulder. While Balor has reentered the title picture almost seamlessly and will most likely be the one to face Brock Lesnar at the Great Balls of Fire Pay per view in July, some fans can’t help but wonder what would have happened if he never got injured in the first place.

Then there are superstars like Summer Rae. Of course, she is immensely talented, beautiful and a former football star, she hasnt had nearly the amount of success of some of her competitors and has only continued to slip down the card due to her injury last year. With that being said, AAccording to Dave Meltzer’,” Summer Rae hasn’t returned to WWE TV because the company has to figure out which brand to put her on and find a role for her. Summer Rae, who was out with an undisclosed injury since August, has been cleared for a return and has been backstage the last week and at Wrestlemania 33. ”

Although Meltzer also reported that Summer Rae is still listed as a member of the Raw roster, he seems to believe that could change if a situation arises for her on Smackdown Live in the near future. Then again, both rosters are pretty stacked after the superstar shakeup last month and she could very well be either waiting awhile before returning to television or could spend some time back down in NXT until a spot is available for her on the main roster.

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2 thoughts on “Popular Superstar Being Removed From Monday Night Raw Roster

  1. You say the women’s division is stacked I say no sir 6 or 8 women on the show is not enough if it was me in my mind I had the thought hey bring back tamina they did but I’d have put her on raw do more with her put her against Nia Jax that’s what I’d wanna see

    1. I agree,Nia Jax needs to compete with those in her same or close to weight. Not fair, seeing her toss around competitors 1/3 her weight.

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