Major Backstage Update On Chris Jericho’s Future With WWE


Drink it in man.

Seriously though. Fans that in The WWE Universe that enjoyed watching Chris Jericho’s latest run in the WWE, which included everything from dozens of superstars making, The List, to one of the most awesome best friend storylines of all time,  will probably be sad to know that Y2J will not be returning anytime soon. While some rumors pegged the former champion and crowd favorite for a return in the summer, it now appears that the return will be held off on for quite a while.

According to WWE Rumor Roundup, “Chris Jericho isn’t expected to return to WWE in 2017.” Unfortunately for fans of Jericho, not only does this mean that the storyline between him and Kevin Owens will not continue anytime soon, it also means that WWE is going to be without the popular superstar for many of their upcoming pay per views. One would think that WWE would work to bring him in again at least sometime before Summerslam or even Survivor Series, but it looks like that just isn’t going to happen.

With that being said, there is still the possibility of things changing and WWE striking some kind of deal with Chris Jericho, but there has been no word on any of that happening just yet. Of course, WWE could be saving him for next year’s Royal Rumble pay per view, but that is still a long time to wait for fans that want to see one of the greatest superstars to walk down the entrance ramp.

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