John Cena’s Opponent For Next Week’s Edition Of Smackdown Live Revealed


How long has it been?

Former United States Champion, Rusev, hasn’t been seen since being written off television in early January and while it has been said that he was cleared to return a few weeks ago, he still hasn’t made an appearance on the blue brand yet. Rusev was originally on Monday Night Raw, but was traded to Smackdown Live during the superstar shake up along with his wife. WIth all that being said, there seems to be a reason for Rusev’s continued absence on Smackdown Live and it has a lot to do with having no one to put him with.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observor, all that will be changing however as Rusev is said to be John Cena’s first opponent upon his return next week on Smackdown Live. The two will apparently be feuding until the end of the summer, with the eventual blowoff match coming at Summerslam. Unfortunately for Rusev, this probably means that he will not be entering into The WWE Title picture anytime soon, and his promise to come after the title was all just talk in the first place.

In fact, Rusev’s absence from WWE might be their way of punishing him for making the statement on Twitter a couple of months ago that he was coming after The WWE title. In the end, its not known if that’s the case or not, but its interesting that those plans have suddenly been shelved for the time being.

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