Interesting Evidence Of Baron Corbin’s Suspension Being Fake Revealed



could WWE be blurring the lines of reality once again? Watch the video for more info!

It was announced on Twitter earlier today by Shane McMahon that Baron Corbin would be suspended for laying his hands on a referee at the conclusion of Talking Smack on Tuesday night. The moment occurred when Corbin ambushed Sami Zayn during an interview on Talking Smack, ending when several   WWE officials trying to restrain Corbin and Corbin responding by tossing one of the referees across the room. Its interesting to note that Corbin, who is rumored to be in line for a push to the top of the card by the end of the year, looked over at the referee after the segment and seemed to be worried.

With that being said, I’m not completely convinced this is real. Yes, WWE takes this kind of things seriously and have done a good job of doing so in the past, but that’s, not the era we live in anymore. In fact, it was hinted at several times in the last year or so that WWE would be blurring the lines between what is real in fake, which has worked to perfection thus far. Take Orton and Lesnar last year at Summerslam for example. No one was expecting the beatdown or the bloody finish, but WWE made it work to perfection anyway! Could they just be doing it once again?

Let us know in the comments below and watch the video for our evidence of the incident being just a storyline.


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