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Huge Backstage Update On Triple H’s Status For WrestleMania 33


Where is he?

That’s the question that The Universe has been asking for months now after Triple H turned on Seth Rollins during the fatal four way match for The Universal title and it now looks like they might have their answer. Unfortunately for fans, its probably not the news they wanted to hear regarding the possible bout between Seth Rollins and Triple H, as it now appears that Triple H isn’t even scheduled for this years show of shows at all at this point in time. Of course that can always change, but it at least for now, he reportedly isn’t.

According to, In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it’s noted that WrestleMania 33 has undergone some “key changes” but it’s unclear what exactly those changes are. The card should be finalized soon, however.It was said,  that Undertaker is the only “non-regular” who will be wrestling on the show, at least as of right now.” If nothing else, that makes Triple H versus Seth Rollins in jeopardy at this point in time, especially with the rumored changes that are being made by WWE officials.

With that being said, the storyline has reportedly been held off on several times over the past couple months and while a reason for that is not exactly clear, WWE might have finally decided to scrap the marquee match in favor of something else. Whether this is to insert Rollins into the title picture or even to have him come away as the winner of The Royal Rumble match.

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