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Goldberg Set To Vacate Universal Title?


WrestleMania 33 is only a few weeks away and the talk of the town is whether Brock Lesnar will be able to defeat the man he is 0-2 against in matchups this year. While Goldberg has indeed been dominant over The Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar, especially after he defeated Lesnar in 1:26 to win the match at Survivor Series, Brock lesnar finally got the upper hand two weeks ago on Raw when he F-5’d the newly minted Universal Champion. With that being said, it is still anyone’s guess what WWE decides to do with these two at WrestleMania 33 and who wins The Universal Title when all is said and done.

Of course many are speculating that Lesnar will defeat Goldberg in short order at WrestleMania 33 and that the move is being done to popularize the title, it is worth mentioning that has speculated about Goldberg vacating the title after WrestleMania and not actually losing to Lesnar in a match. The move was hinted at by stillrealtouscom during a review of the latest fan survey for The WWE network, which asked fans who would walk out of WrestleMania 33 with the title.

According to an article from,” One of the most interesting questions asked during the survey was: “At WWE Fastlane Goldberg defeated Kevin Owens to become Universal Champion. When Brock Lesnar faces Goldberg at WrestleMania, who do you think will leave the Grand Stage as Universal Champion?” This one wasn’t hard to answer but makes our minds reel at the possibilities of Goldberg beating Brock Lesnar at Mania and simply vacating the title afterward”

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5 thoughts on “Goldberg Set To Vacate Universal Title?

  1. Goldberg will remain champ by defeating Brock for the third time & continue to be champ for a while. With that being said Brock doesn’t stand a chance.

  2. On the Goldberg lesner match . Lesner is set to go back to the full contact league since his suspension is up. And some say Goldberg will retire undefeated as a world title holder.

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