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Former Champion Set To Return To Monday Night Raw soon.

Monday night raw, Monday night raw news,
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Monday Night Raw General Manager, Kurt Angle did a Q&A on his Facebook page this week and was asked by a fan about how much longer his son, Jason Jordan would be out of action after suffering a neck injury. With that being said, Angle told the fan that Jordan would be able to return around 6-8 weeks, but admitted that he was being optimistic about the matter.

Whether WWE decides to give Jason Jordan’s heel storyline another chance or not remains to be seen, but it would be pretty disappointing if WWE didn’t doesn’t see this one through and give The WWE Universe a reasonable conclusion to the matter. If not however, they would have effectively wasted the hours and hours of screen time they devoted to the young man during his storyline progression.

From winning The Tag Team Championship alongside Seth Rollins in the main event of Raw, to how he could absolutely play the heel perfectly in every segment he appeared in, Jordan has proven he deserves this chance that WWE gave him. In the end, hopefully WWE realizes that and brings it back when Jordan finally does return to Raw, but that again, remains to be seen and will be a point of interest for quite awhile.

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