Five Reasons Why Bray Wyatt Should Defeat Woken Matt Hardy At The Royal Rumble

Woken Matt Hardy has taken The WWE Universe by storm ever since uttering his signature, “Delete”, chant in a WWE ring . Of course this is the moment that fans have waited for ever since The Hardy Boyz returned to WWE at WrestleMania 33, but the awakening comes at expense of The Eater Of Worlds, who is once again taking a backseat to a more beloved talent.

With that being said and the rumors swirling around about Hardy having creative contro over The Woken storyline, its goes without saying that Bray Wyatt is probably going to be on the losing end of yet another feud on Raw. In fact, anything besides a thrilling victory on the part of Hardy could cause The WWE Universe to go into a tail spin.


Here are five reasons why having Woken Matt Hardy defeat Bray Wyatt is a bad idea though.

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