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Dean Ambrose Leaving WWE For Shocking Reason



Is Dean Ambrose taking his ball and going home?

Whether fans of The Lunatic Fringe like it or not, Ambrose has had quite a up and down year. Sure, the year started with Ambrose getting married to his long time girlfriend and Talking Smack commentator, Renee Young, but the two were quickly split up when Ambrose left for Raw in the superstar shake up. Things only got worse when Ambrose lost The Intercontinal title to The Miz at Extreme Rules and has little chance of getting back.

Interestingly enough, Renee Young was asked by a fan on Twitter about if she would be appearing on the next season of Total Divas at all, and responded with the following,”Nope I am not, but the new cast will crush it!!” With that being said, it looks like Ambrose and Renee Young are starting to be stripped of their responsibilities in WWE and that could be a huge sign for the departure of the two over the next year or so. In fact, Ambrose and Young might not even last a year since WWE intentionally decided to break the pair upĀ  during the shakeup.

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2 thoughts on “Dean Ambrose Leaving WWE For Shocking Reason

  1. No dean is awesome and so is renee. Love ro watch dean wrestle, he is so good. He adds so much to his script. He also adds alot of fun to the show. Dont let them go.

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