Brock Lesnar’s New Opponent For Summerslam Revealed


Who will be the one to take on Brock Lesanr at Summerslam?

Samoa Joe will take on Roman Reigns next week on Raw to determine the new number one contender for The Universal Championship and while the outcome seems pretty clear cut to a lot of fans in The WWE Universe, one has to remember that there are a variety ¬†of moving parts to the stoyrline as well. For example, Roman Reigns still has unfinished business with Bruan Strowman, who he tried to incapacitate after losing to him in a ambulance match at Great Balls of Fire. A match that was supposed to be WWE’s way of inserting Strowman into the title picture.

With that being said and the odvious interference that awaits Roman Reigns during his one on one match with Samoa Joe next week, WWE Insiders is now being told that WWE will use the interference of Bruan Strowman to set up a fatal four-way match between Brock Lesnar, Samoa Joe, Bruan Strowman and Roman Reigns for The Universal Title at Summerslam. This will also serve to protect Reigns from taking a pinfall loss to Brock Lesnar, which will help set up their feud for next year’s WrestleMania.

The move also keeps Samoa Joe in the title picture, which is said to be what Brock Lesnar wants to be the plan moving forward. As for Strowman, the fatal four-way match allows him to finally be inserted into the title picture himself and be protected from taking a direct loss from Lesnar as well. In the end its not known who will be the one to take the loss to Lesnar at Summerslam, but it is believed that it will either be Samoa Joe or Bruan Strowman. Of course Strowman taking the loss would involve a muddier finish, but its still a possibility, especially since the main priority is protecting Roman Reigns.


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