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Brock Lesnar Leaving Monday Night Raw?


What surprises does 2017 have in store for The WWE Universe?

Rumors have already been running rampant over the past few months that Vince McMahon is unhappy with the way the Raw and Smackdown Live rosters shook out after the completion of the 2016 draft and its becoming very evident that changes are coming. Some changes have already been discussed and even teased, like Sasha Banks letting her intentions be known that she wants to be on The Smackdown Live Roster next and now it appears another huge change may be coming very soon

According to The Inquisitor”,not much is known about Lesnar’s schedule after the WWE Royal Rumble, but he’s been announced for more WWE live events in February and March. What is really interesting is Brock has also been confirmed for an appearance at the WWE live event in Madison Square Garden a few weeks before the grandest stage of them all. The interesting thing about it is that the event is for SmackDown and not Raw.As a part of Raw’s roster, it’s not out of the question for Brock Lesnar to be featured on a SmackDown card, especially for a WWE live event being held out of Madison Square Garden. The question that some people are asking is if WWE officials would consider moving Lesnar to SmackDown after Wrestlemania? It’s been rumored that there could be another WWE Draft and someone like AJ Styles could move brands as well.

Of course these are just rumors at this time and WWE could literally just be putting Lesnar in a Madison square Garden show due to the possibility of it being a big draw for the event, but it will be interesting to see where things go from there. With that being said, Lesnar on Smackdown Live might just give it the extra bit of power it needs to make the show even more intense then it already is and gives several young stars on The Smackdown Live roster a chance at conquering the beast.

Unfortunatley for Smackdown Live, Raw’s decline in the ratings and Smackdown Live’s emergence at the number one show between the two could halt the possibility of the trade taking places. At least until a top superstar is traded from Smackdown Live to help Monday Night Raw as well.

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