Becky Lynch To Be Punished For Using Extremely Derogatory Term To Describe Alexa Bliss


Just had to have the last word there didn’t you Becky?

Smackdown Woman’s champion Alexa Bliss and Becky Lynch met on Talking Smack this week after it was announced that the two superstars would be competing in the first ever woman’s cage match for the Smackdown Woman’s title. The decision to have the match was made after Becky Lynch was scene backstage talking to Daniel Bryan about La Luchadora’s interference in the match between Lynch and Bliss last week.  The match stipulation was ultimately made to disallow an interference from La Luchadora and to settle the score between the superstars.

This led to a super heated segment on Talking Smack where the two Women bickered back and forth and made excuses for why the other beat them. Lynch then told Bliss to shine up the title for their cage match next week, which for some reason prompted Lynch to say See you next Tuesday. While I’m not going to go too far into that based on the possibility that younger children might be reading this blog, I will say that it is an acronym for a very bad word that a woman should not be called under any circumstances whatsoever.

With that being said, Becky Lynch can probably expect a talking to for the unscripted moment or even the forfeit of her title match next week given the severity of her offense.

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