Backstage Update On Randy Orton Losing The WWE Title At Backlash

What will await The WWE Universe when Backlash goes live this Sunday night?

While there are alot of different questions that fans may have heading into Backlash on Sunday, one of the most interesting ones remains to be whether WWE will actually choose to put The WWE Title on Jinder Mahal or not. Mahal, who was switched to the Smackdown Live roster during the superstar shakeup two weeks after WrestleMania, won a number one contenders match to earn the honor of facing Randy Orton at Backlash for The WWE Title and also aligned himself with the Singh Brothers to make himself more of a threat.

With all that in mind and the fact that WWE most likely still only sees Mahal as a mid carder, “it is being now being reported by that,” current plans call for Randy Orton to retain the title on Sunday. Vince McMahon is reportedly still very high up on Orton, and Orton is looked at as “Vince’s guy.”Vince was said to have been impressed with the way Orton sold for Lesnar last year at SummerSlam and the fact that Orton was willing to get busted open the hard way to help sell the idea that Brock is a monster.”

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7 thoughts on “Backstage Update On Randy Orton Losing The WWE Title At Backlash

  1. No! Randy Orton should retain, he’s a way better champion than Jinder hinder, he’s better than Jinder in general. I hope WWE is wise and let the belt around Randy’s waist

  2. Please, NOT Jinder Mahal. The WWE should standing behind Americans, this is not a good choice. Many viewers will be offended and stop watching.

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