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Alexa Bliss’s New Opponent For Summerslam Revealed


What a tough break for Bayley.

Just when it seemed like The Huggable one was poised to reclaim her title from The Goddess, Alexa Bliss at Summerslam, an untimely injury puts her on the shelf for an unknown amount of time and leaves WWE scrambling for a replacement  competitor at The Biggest party of the summer. Bayley won a number one contender’s match against Sasha Banks to claim her opportunity at Summerslam, but injured her right shoulder during a match against Nia Jax last week on Monday Night Raw.

“We’ve determined the injury is shoulder-related,” said Dr. Chris Amann told fans in a statement to “And she will be going under further diagnostic testing later this week to determine the extent of the injury and also established a timetable for recovery.” Its also worth mentioning that WWE’s Raw preview on their website already hints at a new competitor stepping forward to take her place at Summerslam, which is a very big sign that Bayley will not be able to compete until after Summerslam.

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According to, current plans call for Sasha Banks to replace Bayley and face Alexa Bliss in the Raw Women’s Championship match at SummerSlam.” While it was originally presumed that Nia Jax would be the one to take on Alexa Bliss in place of Bayley, that would most likely result in a premature boiling point between the two and ruin any future plans that WWE had for the two of them. With that being said, Nia Jax being the one to injure her probably didn’t help her chances to get back into the title picture, but maybe WWE just sees it as some kind of freak accident.

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2 thoughts on “Alexa Bliss’s New Opponent For Summerslam Revealed

  1. I like it that Sasha Banks will be her opponent, but she held the title already, so it would be nicer, in my opinion, that WWE choose Nia Jax, give her a chance too.

  2. Sasha Banks is already facing Alexa Bliss for the Women’s Title at Summerslam when’s she won the No. 1 contenders match against Bayley a few weeks ago on Raw.

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